Aftercare Instructions

1.     When you get home remove the bandage and wash lightly with soap and warm water using your fingers. DO NOT SCRUB!

 2.     Lightly pat dry then apply the smallest amount of antibacterial ointment as possible. (Neosporin, Bacitracin).

 3.     Apply a non-stick pad and put on a bra. (Only wear the non-stick pads we give you and change them every day.) Be sure to wear a pad and bra for sleeping.

 4.     2-3 times a day reapply the smallest amount of antibacterial ointment as possible. During the day you should just be wearing light clothing and no pad or bra.

 5.     Repeat steps 1-4 for 4 days using a new pad every day.

 6.     Do not wear the pads 24 hours a day. You must let the tattoo air out during each day while awake and active. 

 7.     When you reach day four switch from ointment to a mild water based moisturizing lotion. At this point you are not required to use a non-stick pad. Continue to apply lotion daily for the next two weeks. 

 8.     Some flaking or scabbing may occur, this is normal. If scabs become heavy or thick please call. 


 10.  If anything looks unusual such as oozing, redness, cracking, swelling, warm to the touch call your artist immediately.

                      Helpful Hints During Healing


·      The main idea is to keep the area hydrated until healed but not to use excess amounts of ointment.

·      After the first day you wear a cotton t-shirt as a breathable bandage in place of the non-stick pad and bra as often as possible. If you must wear a bra or tight clothing you will need a pad. 

·      Avoid swimming, bathtubs, hot tubs, etc. until healed. Showers are okay.

·      Feel free to workout as usual. (Wear a bra and non-stick pad and ointment if within the first 4 days)

·      Some itching and flaking will occur but DO NOT SCRATCH.

·      You should heal completely in a week but it may take several weeks for the area to settle into its final appearance. The area may lighten slightly but the final result should last a lifetime. 

·      If the area is not healed and smooth in 7-10 days call your artist.

·      If you have ANY questions please feel free to call  and ask…we will be glad to help answer them. Any time day or night!

                              ANY QUESTIONS CALL!