Updates from the road...

It is now March of 2016. Many trips have taken place since the last time I had a chance to record my adventures. I made another trip to the great state of Texas in November 2015 as well as a new venture to Boston, MA in October.

In Boston we were set up with the gifted surgical team at the world famous Brigham and Women's Hospital. We met a bunch of new faces and made some new friends. Boston is a great city and has a lot to offer the traveling tattooer, such as, cool restaurants, hip bars and the sights and sounds of one of America's oldest cities. While we work very hard and put in long days, we still managed to find some fun places to eat. The main hospital is right in the old Harvard Medical School area. We had some fun sight seeing all the old architecture and walking the campus that has been made famous by many incredible doctors and surgeons over the last 233 years. Over all it was a successful first trip! We look forward to making many more and helping as many women as we can get completion in their breast cancer journey. 

November brought us another trip to Texas! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to travel to. The weather in November is much nicer than what we experienced in July. It felt like an extension of summer and we were feeling lucky to cheat the mid atlantic fall for another week! All of our hard work and good press has been paying off. We are fully booking these trips and are able to offer this service to more and more women. I am seeing people from all over the region! Folks have been traveling from Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, and all over the great state of Texas. I am honored and humbled to be of service to these women. The fact that they choose to complete their journey with me is very rewarding and telling of the results we are achieving.  


October Awareness

By Trent Wyczawski

October is breast cancer awareness month. In my line of work that carries a lot of weight and responsibility. The last couple of years I have learned quite a bit about prescreening and the risks or limitations associated with it. It is much harder to read dense breast tissue and get an accurate look for any sub surface abnormalities. In the same regard, many times self breast exams don't always expose a lump or mass if it is too small or too deep in the tissue to locate. This doesn't mean these methods don't work, it only means we have to be more vigilant and stay on top of our regular screenings. There are new technologies now available that increase the success of reading dense tissue. There are always new advances in health care that seem to come on a weekly basis regarding all aspects of medicine. Staying up on what is available to you can save your life or the life of a loved one.

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of speaking with hundreds of women since I came onboard with Vinnie Myers. Wether it's during an appointment or at a convention, or just in passing at the shop, I have heard many stories of women's journeys and experience with breast cancer. Countless times I have been told that the October campaign has made the difference in someones life. Many women have told me they decided to do a self exam or mammography just because of the media hype during October. "One Sunday I was watching football on television, they ran a commercial about breast cancer awareness so I decided to do a self exam. I couldn't believe that I felt a lump."  Shockingly enough, quite a few have found indications that lead to their diagnosis. 

Staying on top of our own health and spending the time to do self exams is the first step towards a long life. The awareness of breast cancer in October has saved a lot of women and has lead to the model being copied so other health concerns can receive attention throughout the year. Make sure you spread the word. Tell a friend or a family member to pay attention to their health and schedule their mammogram.

Jet Set Nipple Tattoos

By Trent Wyczawski

3D nipple tattooing isn't a thing I ever expected to do for a living. It's not a specific concentration you study in art school. It's not even anything that was on my radar but, it brings me happiness and adventure I didn't know was out there. As we grow and become busier at the shop, new avenues open up and we have new directions presented all the time. There are many people who can't make the trip to Maryland to get their tattoos done. The reason can range from time away from work and family, expense for a ticket, room and board, car rental and many other things. Whatever the reason, we are exploring different travel destinations around the United States to help reach more women who need this. 

Starting this past March 2015, I have become the jet set tattooer of The Vinnie Myers Team! Early in the month I made a trip to Northern Virginia. This was one of the experimental runs to see how functional it would be to tattoo on the road and how many people we could see in a day. Everything was a success and we used our new experience to book the next destination.

The first week of May 2015 I was set to tattoo in Plano, TX. We figured this was a good central southern location with a very accessible airport and tons of accommodations.  My base of operations for the trip was Texas Health Presbyterian. Flying into Love Field, we hit the ground running. Our first impressions when we arrived  in Texas were wow! There are a million great places to eat! Everything is super clean and new. It all looks as if it was built overnight! Everyone at the hospital was very welcoming and friendly. We tattooed a good number of patients and the trip was a huge success!

In mid June of 2015 I made another trip to Northern Virginia! This visit was also a successful endeavor and it was great to tattoo and talk with everyone I met. Having been there once before I was starting to feel much more comfortable and functional working away from our home office. Once again everyone was very accommodating and happy to receive us. As a group we are always thankful when we are invited into offices and treated like family!

Fast forward to July 2015 and I found myself on a plane back to Plano, TX. For this trip we were confident in our operational procedures and we booked more women than last time! Texas Health Presbyterian hosted us once again and everyone was awesome. I met so many wonderful survivors and rocked those 3D nipple tattoos! If you are a food lover Texas has a lot to offer! We had just about everything! The heat was an experience but we survived and enjoyed the trip.

The fall of 2015 has a lot to offer! In September we are expecting to hit the Boston, MA area for three short days in the North East. October brings me another trip to Northern Virginia. In November I will be back in Plano at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for a week of appointments and food! To finish off the year I will be doing a week in December in San Diego, which should be very active!

I'm looking forward to the travel adventures ahead and helping as many people as I can along the way. You can bet 2016 will be a very full and exciting year for The Vinnie Myers Team. Only time  will reveal what is in store!

If you are interested in more information regarding our services, please contact us at our home office in Maryland 410-876-4638. The Vinnie Myers Team

Medical Tattooing and Meeting New People

By Trent Wyczawski

The best part of my job is the daily interactions with the people that come to see us for the final step in their breast cancer journey. They come from all over the world. I have tattooed women from Peru, France, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Germany, The Philippines etc.! Just from the United States we have many women travel very long distances and I am very honored to be of service. Breast Cancer affects all walks of life covering every demographic and every economic group. Nature is not biased when it comes to nature. This also means I have the benefit of meeting people who may never cross my path, let alone enter a tattoo shop. These people bring me interesting stories and enrich my life in a way I never dreamed.


When I realigned my career to tattoo breast cancer survivors my world opened up. The couple of years prior, tattooing was on the rise and we were seeing new types of customers entering the tattoo world. This influx of people new to this once subculture was a sign of the times. The world was beginning to change their views regarding tattooing and body decoration. My interests lie in how my skill set can benefit and assist the medical profession.


Medical tattooing is a very new field even though they have been attempting to utilize it since the early 1980’s. The major difference between then and present day is the operator. Prior to our involvement, the attempts at medical tattooing have been in the hands of people without the knowledge or experience it takes to successfully apply a tattoo. There are many skin types and inherent variables that hinder the untrained when trying to make a tattoo. This is only amplified when working on reconstructed skin that could be really thin, have limited blood supply, contain significant scar tissue or be damaged from radiation. The equipment is also of great importance and much of what is available to the medical community is sub par. All of these qualifying skills, experience and knowledge can only realistically be obtained by working in a traditional street shop and collected by doing thousands of tattoos.


My daily life has been enriched in a way I hadn’t expected. I am honored to be a part of this last step in the process for so many people. I am looking forward to the many years of service ahead and I hope everyone finds the closure they need and the empowerment to reclaim their lives.

Welcome to my site!

By Trent Wyczawski

Over the last few years I've had the privilege to train with and work along side Vinnie myers and Paul Bessette. Prior to 3D nipple and areola tattooing, I have had the experience of making a couple of thousand tattoos. All of that lead me to my present obsession. I have 3D tattooed hundreds of women with many different types of breast reconstruction and different tattooing needs. Within this period of time I have had the honor to meet many cancer survivors, pre-vivors and others that have benefited from our skills as tradesman in the field of tattooing.

It's sometimes hard to wrap my head around the changes that have taken place in the tattoo world over the last 15 years. It has come into the limelight and has graced many magazines as well as the television in countless programs and documentaries. The modern world seems to be obsessed with the art and concept of body adornment. It's not surprising as people for many thousands of years have worn tattoos and decorated their bodies to serve different purposes. Some may want to impress the Gods or attract a mate, some may use the tattooing in a medical fashion. Other may use tattooing to celebrate their ancestors or just decorate their bodies in the form or fashion of the day in the traditions of their tribe. Many of these reasons still apply today. We aren't really that different from our ancestors. All of our needs and desires are still congruent with the survival of our people and our children. Some of the methods have changed but the quest remains the same. 

Tattooing has a rich history that transcends the modern day. Every time we make a tattoo it is a nod to our people that have come before us, to stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, and to thank the Gods for the bounty in our lives. It is a celebration of humanity, and a celebration of thousands of years of ancient culture. We should be grateful for the gifts we are bestowed and look forward to the prosperity the future holds.