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I use traditional tattoo pigments and traditional machines in our application process. This means you don't experience the normal fading you see with tattooing techniques used by the surgeon's office. My techniques are time tested and performed by an experienced artist in the field of tattooing - not by a support staff member who may have very little training time applying the tattoo.



From placement and size, to pigment color selection and after care. There are a variety of possibilities inherent to the completion of the reconstruction process. Every case is different and requires a trained eye to interpret what will be necessary to accomplish the best result. Variables such as scar patterns, skin thickness, scar tissue, placement, and prior medical history come into play and our staff has the experience to figure out the best approach to achieve optimal results.



The benefits of 3D nipple tattooing are extensive. I am able to create a three dimensional picture which gives the illusion of projection without the need for nipple reconstruction. I mix a color that is complementary to your skin tone and match the areola size to the size of your breast; this provides the most natural color tone and realistic result.



The types of 3D nipple tattooing I offer are unilateral and bilateral procedures. I can accomplish great results with or without nipple reconstruction. I am also capable of positive results even if I have to work over nipple tattooing performed by the surgeon's office.

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